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January 28th, 2021 1 comment

US_Capitol_west_sideOn January 6, 2021, just 6 days into a hopeful new year, MONSTERS BROKE INTO MY HOUSE.  Haven’t we suffered enough under the Trump reign.  Seriously.  Almost 350,000 people are dead, the pandemic is spreading like wildfire, hospitals in some states are overwhelmed, EMTs have to decided if someone will live or not before they transport them, the COVID vaccine is only crawling at the slowest possible speed to the general public (unless you are rich and connected or you live in FL), our allies hate us and won’t let us cross their borders, the whole country is divided………………..   I won’t continue.  Enough is enough.  I had high hopes for this year.  I had hoped to get my 2 doses of vaccine and start planning a nice camping trip for this summer.  That is not happening.

Hope came in another form on Nov. 3 2020 when we all voted or our mailed votes started being counted.  By the next day, we knew that Joe Biden had been elected.  I bought patriotic helium balloons and put them on my Biden signs in my front yard .  Image may contain: grass, sky, outdoor and nature

I was never one for a lot of flash and signs during political campaigns, but I have never felt more strongly about need for change, not even when LePage was governor of Maine.  I was looking forward to some steady daily grind monotony after the crazy violent disgusting chaos for the past 4 years.    Paul LePage was a caustic SOB, much the same as DJT.  But, he didn’t have the reach or power that Trump does with White House megaphone.   So, when my neighbors, ones that I do not know well, started putting up their Trump flair, I felt compelled to stand for my favored candidate.  I was elated and relieved that he won.

Then the lies, more intense, more flagrant, more exaggerated than ever started from Trump.  “I won by a landslide”  “Stop the Steal” “I will never give up”   He whipped up a frenzy in his supporters and brought on lawyers to sue all of the States that he claimed to have won.  He demanded recounts.  He stomped and fussed and whined like a red faced toddler throwing a tantrum.  He lost all but one lawsuit because his claims were all lies.    Next he started calling his “buddies” in Republican friendly states, the Governors and Secretaries of State, and put the pressure on.  The best one was when he asked the SOS of Georgia to “find” him the needed number of votes to overturn their vote. He learned a lesson on that call.  Not all Republicans are crooks, like him.  Not all of them will do a mob bosses bidding.  And that is a very good thing.  That gives us all faith that we can move on and put this corruption, most of it anyway, behind us.

We moved on.  The electoral college votes were counted.  Biden 306  Trump 232.  Well, there, that ought to shut T up. NOPE.  He continued to whip up the craziest and even some not so crazy Rs into a frenzy.  On Jan 6, there was to be a ceremonial official count of the electoral votes to certify the election results.  It is a process that generally lasts about 2 hours, but T managed to demand loyalty of dozen or so Senators in form of objections to the electoral votes.  It was going to be a waste of their time, the results were going to be the same.  Those people were making fools of their pathetic selves.  They were throwing themselves on the sword of DJT, because of lies from a spoiled entitled loser.

At the same time T was trumping up loyalty from dumb a**ed senators and some representatives, his low class, poorly educated, wild eyed, Trump flag and gun toting supporters were organizing a coup in Washington DC for the same day.  They put on their Trump shirts and MAGA hats, flack jackets, helmets, boots, face paint, horned hats, and marched themselves to MY HOUSE, the CAPITAL of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Sadly, that is their house to, so they marched on their own house with intent to intimidate, threaten, hang, take hostage etc the very people who WE elect to sit in OUR HOUSE to manage and lead our country.  They marched on their own house (and mine) to do violence, and stop a constitutional ceremony of certifying the electoral votes of the people of the United States of America.

They yelled and screamed, pushed law officers out of the way, defaced the building, broke furniture,  urinated and defecated and tracked it around, vandalized, stole things, and generally cased mayhem for over 2 hours before Trump would ‘allow’ the National Guard to step in.  Our Senators, Representatives, aids, officers, and our Vice President were all in our house.  Democrats AND Republicans were in OUR HOUSE.  They were all forced to hide and hunker down for their own safety.  And a very smart person took the boxes of electoral votes with them.

These crazed violent thugs reduced themselves to a form lower than animals that afternoon.  They were sub human and sub animal.  Every one of my dogs over my lifetime have known better than to pee and defecate on the floors in their own homes.  They have also known better than to hurt or kill people.  Those ignorant monsters did not.

So, what did this action get them.  NOTHING.  There have been over 80 arrests at my last count.  5 people were killed in OUR HOUSE that afternoon.  There is new talk of impeaching the president, because he, his family, his lawyer Giuliani, and his cronies fired up that group of monsters..(the leaders of the Monsters) …whipped them into a frenzy and told them to march down to the Capital and stop the certification.  He said “I’ll be with you” “It will be wild”.  But of course, true to his cowardly form, he was not with them.  He skulked back to the White House to watch this all unfold on TV.  Bone spurs …remember that?

He has 11 more days.  What other kind of violence can he incite in that time.  Plenty.  There is a planning meeting for “activist training” at a Trumpster Church in Orrington, Maine this afternoon, as I write this.  Will they bring guns next time.  Rumor has it that there is another action planned for inauguration day.

Donald J Trump is a thug.  He incited that crowd that invaded MY HOUSE.  He watched from the comfort of the White House.  He allowed it all to happen.   He is common and disgusting.  He needs to be impeached and removed.  He should never be allowed to run for public office again. In fact, he belongs in jail…..PLEASE.

So, we move on.  We heal.  The healing started with Dems and Reps and independents all went back into session at the Capital that day, and worked until almost 4am the next morning to certify OUR election results.  Joe Biden will be our president in 11 days.  Thank God and the stars above for that.

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