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Predatory Direct to Patient Advertising

The purpose of the following letter, which I recieved in my snail mail yesterday, is to attract healthcare ‘customers’ and make money.  The medical device company that is sponsoring this event produces surgical mesh.  The doctor who signed this letter is promoting a product for American Medical Systems, INC.  Surgical mesh can cause horrible complications that are difficult and at times impossible to reverse.  Do not be fooled by the term “minimally invasive”.


Read this letter carefully and then look at who is sponsoring this event.   Take your health concerns to your trusted family doctor and see if there are any natural remedies, exercises, physical therapy or other approaches to your problem.  Except in genuine emergencies and certain problems like cancer,  surgery should be the last approach to a problem, not the first choice.  Find out about the possible complications of any surgery, including infections.  Get your surgeons complication rates before consenting to surgery.

Women…beware.  This type of ad may lead many of you to unnecessary and possibly dangerous surgery.







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