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Degradation of women in the US!











Let’s give this some thought.

The new SCOTUS ruling stops the constitutional right of any woman to seek reproductive healthcare that has been legal in every State for over 50 years.  Most States will follow suit.  Thank God I live in Maine where reason and intelligence prevails.

The ruling was made because we have mostly old men and one handmaiden on the SCOTUS who do not believe in women’s rights to choose.  Our bodies are at their disposal. Their opinion is that it is woman’s job to birth babies and to do as they say.

I say it is none of their goddam business! It is the woman’s business and her choice.

Two of those justices were revealed for exactly what they were in their younger days…and who knows about now?

Clarence Thomas sexually harassed his subordinate Anita Hill.  She is a strong intelligent woman.  I remember her testimony during his hearings to become a SC justice.


He lied, said it wasn’t true. Women do NOT take an oath and sit in front of a congressional hearing with made up crap.  He has also stated that he is willing to take all his BS to another level of controlling women.  He would go after birth control, gay marriage, etc.  This guy thinks he is GOD!  He should be very careful though because if he takes us back far enough, his marriage would be illegal and he could be owned by a white man.  No, I am not racist, but erasing 50 to 100 years of progress could wreck a ton of progress on equality of all sorts. This week he  set himself up with a good head start.

Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a young woman when he was in high school. Christine Blasey Ford calmly and openly testified about what she endured at his hands during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.


Only a cursory investigation was done, because this was Trumps guy…and Trump is a loud and proud sexual assaulter himself.  You all know…the “grab em’ by the pussy” guy.  Three more women also stated that Kavanaugh attacked them .

https://kslnews. radio.com/1891897/brett-kavanaugh-witnesses/

Make no mistake about it…the majority of the SCOTUS is a good ole boys fraternity.  Some of them were dirty boys who abused and used women and their bodies because they couldn’t keep their peckers in their pockets..  THEY had no self control.  They were chosen regardless of their “bad boy” behavior. Their votes are just one more way to assault/degrade women and keep them in their place. Their SCOTUS work is an extension of their horrid behavior as bad boys. They have not evolved, not one bit.  They are ignorant ape men with law degrees, assisted by a subservient handmaiden.  And 3 of them were chosen by the biggest cave man of all….DJT.


Nobody is talking about the lies they told in confirmation hearings.  Perjury apparently is not a thing for men or women who are the “chosen” for the SCOTUS, by the biggest liar in the world..Donald J Trump.

Why isn’t anyone talking about all of this.  The Roe v Wade reversal will affect women all over the US. This is the biggest mass sexual assault  threat for women ever, and we should be talking about how to impeach at least 2 of the men who voted for it.  They assaulted women, and they lied about it, and now they make rules for women and their lives.  DJT enabled these lying womanizers.

Since when do we give the most prolific liars the most powerful positions in our country and then let them make rules for over half of the population!

The SCOTUS decision is the biggest mass  assault on women in history of the US.


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