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John Richardson for Maine, Governor

My husband, Mike and I spent the afternoon meeting at a reception for John Richardson, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Maine.  His exerience and his plans are very exciting.  He envisions a healthcare plan similar to Memic, the revision plan for workmans compensation in the State.  The plan would be affordable for everyone, no matter what income and it would be non profit.

His wife Stephanie Gross is an Ob/GYN doctor at the Mid Maine Medical Center.  She and I talked at length about MRSA.  Her hospital, to my suprise, has been screening everyone for MRSA for 2 years.  This was very impressive because that means somebody there already knows the importance of screening for prevention, and they knew it before I began my work in Maine. 

This pair is exciting and will do well for the State.  Please  look at John’s webpage to learn more.


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