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MRSA outbreak on Vinal Haven

I was surprised to read that the Vinal Haven,  Maine  MRSA outbreak continues.  It was declared by the previous Maine Public Health director that the outbreak was controlled last fall.

When I spoke to one of the Island’s MRSA victims, he told me that it had spread into at least one young family last fall.  He also stated that in his opinion that the outbreak originated in the mainland hospital rather than on lobster boats.  It then spread amoungst the lobster men on lobster boats.  I cannot confirm this, but since 85% of MRSA is Health care associated, I do not doubt him.

Aggressive MRSA education for the public and for Health care providers is necessary.  Also, aggressive screening, isolation and other preventative measures in our hospitals and all health care settings are necessary if we are ever going beat this horrible infection.


  1. Ms. Anthony
    October 6th, 2010 at 13:26 | #1

    I am a resident of Berkeley California and I for three years I have suffered with MRSA on my head. I finally got some relief from this bug when a visiting nurse at prescribed Rifampin and Bactrim to be taken together. I hope that this information might be helpful to people in Vinal Haven

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