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John and Gerry's 60th Wedding Anniversary

John and Gerry's 60th Wedding Anniversary

My name is Kathy Day RN.  I graduated from St Elizabeth’s Hospital School of Nursing in Brighton MA in 1970.  I have kept my RN license in the State of Maine since then.  My work has ranged from doctors office work to Emergency room nursing.  I have also worked at an Indian Reservation clinic, a Paper mill health department, telephone triage advice line, Urgent care center, Employee health nursing, American Red Cross Blood services and a Community College School nurse. .  It’s been a long time since I graduated and I have gained new knowlege at every job I held. 

Also, during the early 80s I organized a nurses union at the Calais Regional Hospital in Calais Maine.  I have volunteered in many capacities including work at Ronald McDonald House, Red Cross Blood center volunteer, and camphosting at a County Park campground in Virginia. 
I have not worked in clinical nursing for about 10 years.  I chose to stop working and helped to raise my young granddaughter. 
My recent experience with my fathers hospital acquired MRSA pneumonia motivated me to come out of retirement.  I have researched and worked very hard to find a way to change the current culture of complaceny regarding hospital infections.  I absolutely do NOT believe that doctors and nurses and other healthcare workers are helpless when it comes to MRSA.  It will take an organized, standardized, strong and efficient approach to prevent MRSA in Maine’s hospitals.  When nurses and doctors just rolled their eyes and shrugged their shoulders when I asked questions about my father’s  MRSA, it made me wonder.  Are they really unaware, or are they scared if they tell patients and families the truth that they will get into trouble.
Effective infection control is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.  A multifaceted approach to prevention is needed, but none of it is difficult.  Accountability and transparency is a big first step.  Then I believe bedside nurses, not administrators or doctors, will be the leaders in this campaign for control of infections.  Maine State Nurses Association is endorsing my legislative proposal in Maine and they will be the most important factor in making mandates in Maine hospitals WORK!  Doctors may have to listen to nurses, not that they don’t do that now.  If they are non compliant, there will be consequences.  Fines, suspensions, and discipline will be a result of noncompliance. 
It is time.  The numbers of these infections have climbed to a ridiculous high.
It’s time for change. It’s time to make Maine hospitals a place that we can trust to make us better and not make us sicker. 
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