World MRSA Day

My friend and mentor Jeanine Thomas forwarded this webpage to me today. She has worked hard to develop and promote World MRSA Day on October 2 and World MRSA month in October. The purpose of this event is to expose the worldwide MRSA pandemic. Activists, victims and their families , scientists, healthcare workers, and politicians are encouraged to attend and reflect on their loved ones who have lost their lives to MRSA or who suffer disability, pain and continuing medical struggles with hospital acquired MRSA.
MRSA is a preventable infection, and yet it continues to spread in our hospitals. Most Hospitals are not required to report these infections or the resulting deaths and disablities because of them. This is the biggest disgrace of modern healthcare.
We need MRSA prevention mandates in the US. CDC has not done this and their guidelines are so “all over the place” that they dont’ make much sense. The over 200 pages and over 1000 steps in their guidelines are what most hospitals pick and choose from and then they will tell victims and families that they are “in compliance with CDC”. That is exactly what the CEO of my deceased father’ hospital said to me. This was the truth in her eyes, but after 3 Hospital Acquired MRSA infections that caused death in less than a month in a 25 bed hospital, they didn’t change one thing in their policy. They proudly stated to me, “No, we do not do MRSA screening”. That kind of arrogance and ignorance can no longer be tolerated. Active detection and Isolation as described in the 2003 SHEA guidelines will help hospitals to prevent MRSA.
Please go to Jeanine’s webpage regarding MRSA World Day and read about the events. It will be an important eye opening event for many.

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