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Great healthcare outcome. Luck or planning?

October 17th, 2012 No comments

It’s weird the things you remember…maybe even more weird the things you forget. One year ago today, I got my diagnosis of uterine cancer. I remember that phone conversation with my doctor almost word for word. It was alarming, but it didn’t really floor me. I just knew I had to get busy…and I got busy. I found the best GYN oncologist surgeon in Maine, and the best hospital to have my surgery in. Other than a long delay for an appointment and surgery, my experience was stellar. I am one of the lucky ones….or maybe it wasn’t all luck. Maybe it is what healthcare leaders and consumers are calling Patient Engagement. Every patient should do their homework before asking their doctor questions about prognosis, alternative care, and other things. Then they should research all that is availa
ble about their providers and learn about possible complications and what they can do to avoid them. I honestly think that preparing for healthcare…surgery or other procedures….is half the reason that some patients do better than others. Watch your caregivers…trust them to do right, but don’t assume they will….get them to wash hands, and not touch you unless it is with clean hands. Follow advice on showing up clean for surgery (antibacterial showers for a few days before), get a MRSA screening done, and have a trusted loved one or friend stay with you in the hospital. I did all of the above and more….and look at me today. I am cancer free and I had absolutely no surgical complications. I don’t consider myself a survivor…cancer was just a temporary condition that I managed to get rid of with some incredible help. I was very lucky, but I was also very careful making my choices.