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Millinocket woman wins case against Eastern Maine Medical Center

October 21st, 2010 1 comment

This is the Bangor Daily news story about a very brave and determined woman.  She felt that a grave injustice was done to her when she sought care at EMMC in 2007.  She had abdominal cramping and was 16 weeks pregnant.  Her hometown hospital has no OB/GYN service or doctor.  So she travelled the 70 miles to EMMC for care.  They examined her, determined that her baby was dead and sent her home.  Please read the three stories that the BDN wrote regarding this womans case. 

It is my opinion that this brave woman may have made a statement to Maine and US hospitals that even if they have a policy that protects THEM if they discharge a miscarrying woman, it isn’t the right thing to do.  I believe she may have set a precident with her determination to reveal the injustice done to her.,156701,156563