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Haiti Tragedy

January 15th, 2010 1 comment

earthquakeWe are all watching on TV as Haiti citizens suffer.  Their family members are lost, missing or injured.  Their homes are ruined.  They have no water and they are running out of medical supplies and food. Medical care for major trauma is being redered in outdoor makeshift “hospitals”.  Their infrastructure is destroyed.   Thousands of volunteers with supplies are arriving all the time, but the airport is small and there is no control tower.  Then once they are on the ground, there is no fuel or transportation to get needed supplies to where it needs to be.  It is hard for me as a lifelong caregiver to sit by and watch this.  I see small children and babies with open wounds and broken bones and I think about my skills and how I could help if I was there. 

I can’t go and most of us can’t, but I began to think about how I can help from home.  The NNOC or National Nurses Organizing Committee is asking for nurses to volunteer through RNRN, the RN Recovery Network.  Also, they are asking for donations.    They are organizing a command center in Miami to send nurses from all over the country to go to Haiti and help.

The NNOC represents the Maine State Nurses Association.  MSNA supported my work with MRSA with backup support from the NNOC.  I hope that in some  way, this entry on my webpage will help the NNOC with their quest for volunteers and funds to help the poor unfortunate citizens of Haiti.

Thank you.