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Memorial Day

This weekend, we all honor and remember those who served in our military to protect our country and our freedom.  I spoke with my friend today who’s daughter serves in Iraq as an RN in a multi trauma ICU.  Her base has been struck with 3 rockets recently and some were wounded.  My friend worries every day about her daughter, who is also a wife, sister, aunt,  and mother of two boys.  I can only imagine my friend’s worries and her daughter’s every day dealings with the horrors of war.

I do not have close relatives involved in this war.  I have many deceased uncles, a grandfather and father in law who served during WWII.  Their sacrifices are what have made our country, in large part, safe and free.

So, this Memorial Day, remember the sacrifices our ancestors have made for this country.  And, honor the young men and women who sacrifice every day while serving in dangerous places, to preserve our freedom.

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