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CDC, Consumers Union, discussion

cdc1This past week, I was invited to attend the first ever conversation between the CDC and consumers about Hospital Acquired Infections.  This meeting is a result of determination from the Consumers Union leaders to involve consumers in decisions affecting patient safety.  And why not.  Consumers pay for insurance benefits, and the care they receive when “serviced” by hospitals and clinics. It is time for patient centered care.   Hospital acquired infections are failures of providers to give safe high quality care. 

Nine other activists and I will attend this meeting on June 15.  Hospital acquired infections with  focus on MRSA will be the topic discussed.  CU and I share the opinion that not nearly enough is being done to stop MRSA.  ADI or Active Detection and Isolation is the answer to part of the problem.   Education for patients, healthcare workers, employers and employees are another big part of it.  We hope this meeting and conversation will be a door opener and only the beginning of many more meetings involving CU (on behalf of consumers) and  the CDC.

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